Simply. Delicious. Sushi.

The first restaurant of the Sakana Sushi Bar chain was established in Warsaw on Molier Street, in close proximity to The Grand Theatre - National Opera.

The restaurant's unique concept, the attention to detail and the passion for serving only the highest quality sushi quickly won the customers' acclaim, and our frequent guest have become our dearest friends.

New Sakana restaurants opened in Poznan, Krakow, Katowice, and Warsaw's Burakowska Street and Wąwozowa Street.

Since the very beginning we had the idea of a healthy lifestyle close at heart. Sushi took our market by storm not merely as an exotic culinary trend: it not only offers exquisite compositions of flavors, it's also rich in minerals, vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids.

To ensure all our customers' comfort and well-being, our restaurant has always maintained a strict 'no smoking' policy. Working on new dishes, we collaborate with dietary technicians, who also cater to individual request in developing specialized menus.

In 2013 Sakana was the first sushi restaurant chain to introduce an alternative to white rice -- organic hulled brown rice.

Aside from constantly expanding its culinary portfolio, Sakana frequently partakes in charity events. The company supported Polish Humanitarian Organisation in helping Japan's earthquake victims and partnered with Milion \'afurawi (A Million Cranes) -- a series of charity events to organize help for the Japanese. We also joined the Global fund in their fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in Africa. We #sponsored numerous theatrical premieres in The Grand Theatre - National Opera, IMKA Theatre, and Roma Musical Theatre. In the 12 years since Sakana was founded, the opinion-shaping, trendsetting media changed. Today's top go-to source of information is the Internet, and so we're extremely happy to see so many favorable reviews on culinary blogs.

The French are no strangers to Sakana, either, thanks to world-class top model Anja Rubik, who mentioned Burakowska Street's Sakana in an interview for "Madame Le Figaro" as her favorite sushi place in Poland.

“The BEST sushi in Warsaw!”

This is truly the best sushi place in town! Absolutely delicious sushi served in just the right proportions (more fish, less rice) and only fresh products. I recommend calamari in tempura with salmon, futo maki with salmon (classic!), maki with spicy tuna in tempura (the whole thing) and grilled teriyaki salmon maki with sauce - all are a MUST:)

Arallariele, Warsaw, Poland
Sakana Burakowska

Love, Love, Love! I often go to the one in Burakowska St. Sushi is made right there in front of you which makes the experience more personal:) The choices are endless so be adventurous!! I highly recommend:)

Mika Ka Ka Ellis
SAKANA Moliera

I visited Sakana based on a reccomendation and I'm glad and thankful I did. Of course, you can get good sushi cheaper, but in my mind that's what a sushi bar should look like. Everything fits together - the interior design, the service, and most of all, the sushi itself. Whatever you can think of -- you'll get there.

Wojciech S.
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